Managed Services


Software-Defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN revolutionizes traditional network management by centralizing control and simplifying operations for organizations with multiple branches or office locations. It intelligently routes traffic across the network, optimizing performance and enhancing security.

To ensure its effectiveness for your organization, customization is key. Purchasing, implementing, and managing SD-WAN can be complex. Orchestrating SD-WAN demands expertise and additional personnel sourcing, onboarding, and training.

PT&T takes the burden off your shoulders by offering expertise, implementation, support, and proactive monitoring. Our approach is tailored and agnostic, allowing us to seamlessly manage different connections within one SD-WAN solution. Our skilled personnel handle the solution, guaranteeing peak network efficiency while you concentrate on your core business.
Experience the benefits of SD-WAN without the hassle – choose our solution and managed service today.


Forming the backbone of modern communication networks, structured cabling provides a reliable and efficient framework for connectivity. By organizing and standardizing the wiring infrastructure, continuous communication, and data transfer flows with ease across various devices and systems within your business.

At PT&T, we understand the importance of cabling to facilitate smooth operations and business growth. Our team of experts will assess your needs and then design and install customized cabling solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal network performance with minimal downtime.

Structured cabling lays the foundation for success in today’s interconnected world. Partner with us to build a solid network infrastructure that empowers your business.