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Protect your Business on Multiple Fronts

The Philippines is among the top ten countries most hit by cyberattacks. Is your business protected?

Modern cyberattacks are complex, sophisticated, and can be difficult to detect. Only a comprehensive, multi-layered and intelligent security infrastructure that responds in real-time can keep your business secure from costly, damaging threats.


Multi-Layered Cyberthreat Protection with PT&T Cybersecurity Suite

In today’s dynamic work environment, we need to secure our information assets not just while people are logged on at the office, but also when they are working from home or on the go. Get peace of mind with the PT&T Cybersecurity Suite which includes Anti-DDoS, Fortinet Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), and PT&T Scout Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR). This uses the multi-layered security approach to protect the most common entry points for malware and cyber attacks: your network, devices, and applications.

Get 24/7 Protection with PT&T Cybersecurity Suite

Our Cybersecurity Suite brings together tools from our reputable partners that tackle every possible threat from every possible source, real-time.

Anti-DDoS Service

Distributed-Denial-of –Service (DDOs) bog down your network with malicious traffic and render your organization’s website useless for hours, even days. Our Anti-DDoS service flags various types of DDoS attacks real-time and protects your bandwidth, to ensure only legitimate traffic can pass through.

Next-Generation Firewall

Fortinet Next Generation Firewall elevates the capabilities of a traditional firewall with its deep-packet inspection and intrusion prevention features, which uncover threats hidden in encrypted traffic. Fortinet NGFWs are ultra-scalable and seamlessly weaves into the existing IT infrastructure.

Endpoint Detection Response

PT&T Scout EDR, powered by SilverSky, continuously flags malicious cyberthreats in devices, even when they are situated remotely. It has AI to detect current trends and auto-updates as new threats emerge. PT&T Scout EDR continuously monitors the device and deploys one-click remediation and roll back when it detects a threat. In this way, users can safely use their devices without human intervention.

Why Choose PT&T

Cybersecurity Suite

  1. It’s flexible. You can choose to get only the solution or service your business requires.
  2. You can save on cost, especially when you bundle two or three cybersecurity solutions. Save even more if you add broadband!
  3. It provides effective multi-layered protection against cyber threats, ensuring that your data and employees are kept safe, whether working remotely or in the office.

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