Sardina Systems expands horizons in the Philippines through PT&T partnership

Sardina Systems expands horizons in the Philippines through PT&T partnership

PT&T Corp. is thrilled to announce its latest milestone – a strategic partnership with Sardina Systems, bringing the transformative value of FishOS, an OpenStack-based cloud infrastructure solution, to the dynamic market of the country.

FishOS, developed by Sardina Systems, stands out as a game-changer in the cloud infrastructure industry, renowned for its intelligence, automation, and scalability. This resilient and software-defined AI-powered cloud offers a unified licensing model, transparent pricing without hidden costs, and unparalleled technical support, making it the go-to choice for businesses seeking excellence in cloud infrastructure solutions.

Sardina Systems’ Executive Director Kenneth Tan expressed his optimism and said, “The Philippine market holds immense promise for cloud services adoption within the ASEAN region. We anticipate a rapid increase in the enablement of OpenStack-based platforms in the near future. Our strategic partnership with PT&T in this region is poised to deliver efficient and innovative solutions for enterprises and institutional users”.

“Our collaboration with Sardina Systems opens new possibilities for our customers as they gain access to a suite of technologies, elevating the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their business operations. Through this alliance, we are poised to deliver state-of-the-art cloud solutions meticulously tailored to address the unique requirements of our dynamic market,” PT&T President and CEO James Velasquez emphasized.

This collaboration is a step forward in cloud technology for PT&T and Sardina Systems. By combining PT&T’s industry experience with Sardina Systems’ advanced technology, both aims to provide powerful services to not just meet but surpass the changing needs of businesses in the Philippines. The alliance is set to drive digital transformation and reshape the cloud services landscape in the country.

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