PT&T’s Inclusion in the ‘Working Well’ Book

PT&T’s Inclusion in the ‘Working Well’ Book

Exciting news! PT&T Corp. takes center stage in the recently published book, “Working Well: Creating Workplaces for Happy Employees.” Unveiled at The Astbury Makati on October 11, 2023, this publication is more than just a book, it signifies a transformative movement that is reshaping the human resources landscape in the Philippines, placing us alongside industry innovators such as Cebu Pacific and Nissan.

‘Working Well’ distinguishes itself through its unique Filipino-centric perspective, delving into the often-overlooked realm of employee well-being. Our journey, initiated by a significant management shift in 2018, extends beyond mere policies; it’s a narrative rooted in genuine care for our people. We have seamlessly integrated a ‘people agenda’ into our corporate philosophy, impacting lives across nine holistic wellness dimensions.

From ‘Fitnatics’ dance classes promoting physical health to ‘Food for the Soul’ Bible studies fostering spiritual and social wellness, our initiatives are diverse and inclusive. Our commitment extends to mental health through ComPsych 24/7 Teleconsult and Environmental Sustainability Practices.

Being featured in ‘Working Well’ book is not just an accolade, it serves as a rallying cry for other companies. It exemplifies that the journey towards a high-performance, values-driven workplace begins with fostering the happiness and health of employees. We don’t just align with this movement; we lead it, advocating the belief that a fulfilled workforce is fundamental to any successful business.

Explore the article to delve deeper into how PT&T’s pioneering strategies are making significant strides in employee wellness, setting new benchmarks for companies everywhere:

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