PT&T partners with US-based Status Pros

Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (PT&T) has partnered with US-based Status Pros to provide software technology and support that would allow companies to work and manage the workforce from anywhere or outside their traditional office amid the global pandemic.

“As a telco and IT company, PT&T is one with the industry in fully embracing this digital transformation of work, and thru VDI [ Virtual Desktop Instances] technology, we are able to assist companies in ensuring that technology extends well beyond the confines of a traditional office,” James Velasquez, president and chief executive of PT&T said.

“But we must emphasize that this is not a pivot to circumvent the realities of the current situation, rather, the pandemic merely accelerated what some are already into: working from anywhere,” he added.

VDI allows users to securely access a company-defined-and-managed virtual computer where all applications and data reside.

VDI bolsters the Work from Anywhere (WFA) and Manage from Anywhere (MFA) setups and can be extremely cost effective and operationally efficient in recapturing value.

Hosted in company owned servers or in the cloud, VDI creates an environment where employees can seamlessly communicate and collaborate service-oriented and cost-efficient workloads – anywhere on “virtually” any device.

This access anywhere model ensures consistency of performance and less reliance to endpoint computing equipment as VDI can be accessed through any laptop, desktop, tablet or even a phone with little on-device processing requirements.

With the added functionality of stateless VDI from Status Pros VDI, companies can enjoy further savings and security since you only pay for what you use, and the desktop only becomes active when in use.

“Our collaboration is a result of PT&T’s commitment and dedication to serve their customers and country. We work well together because our class-leading VDI technology, technical and user support delivers the level of value PT&T expects for their clients because, like us, we want our customers to win,” Lucas Wellman, Status Pros president said.

“ We are passionate about enabling and empowering our customers to unlock tremendous value with the right technology and reliable connectivity and network services – which is at the core of PT&T’s products and mission,” he added.