[In the Spotlight] James Velasquez’s Journey to Resurrect PT&T

[In the Spotlight] James Velasquez’s Journey to Resurrect PT&T

The Business section of the Manila Times spotlights our very own President and CEO James Velasquez in its Boardroom Watch.

Velasquez shares insights into the delicate balance between family life and corporate leadership. His commitment to both aspects of his life has been a guiding force in steering PT&T towards a new era of growth and recognition.

“At work, there are things you need to personally attend to and prioritize, and those you need to delegate to your leaders. Balancing those tasks is key,” emphasizes Velasquez, reflecting on the intricate dance between personal and professional responsibilities.

Family, for Velasquez, is the cornerstone of his strength. “My wife is my bedrock and biggest supporter,” he shares. Even amidst personal challenges, his family remains a source of inspiration. “Their support and encouragement keep me going,” he adds.

Velasquez’s journey with PT&T began with a unique opportunity to revive and lead the company. Seeing it as a chance to give back and leverage his management skills, he embraced the challenge of putting PT&T on a path of recovery from corporate rehabilitation. Under his leadership, PT&T has not only improved its operations and financial viability but has also earned recognition in the technology awards category.

The corporate landscape, however, presents unique challenges. “Being under rehabilitation gives us very little room for failure,” admits Velasquez. The focus is on meticulous operations, efficient resource management, and continuous evolution of branding and offerings to align with market dynamics.

With a diverse career, including a significant stint at IBM, Velasquez’s journey is marked by growth and adaptability. “I had good foundational skills… but much of what I have learned were from the experiences I gathered by taking on new and challenging roles,” he shares.

Beyond the corporate realm, Velasquez finds balance through diverse activities, including golf, playing musical instruments, and riding motorcycles. Traveling with family holds a special place, providing crucial bonding moments.

Looking ahead, Velasquez envisions PT&T expanding its footprint across the country, both in wired and wireless broadband. The foray into IT and digital services positions PT&T as a crucial player in providing connectivity solutions, cybersecurity, and innovative offerings.

As PT&T moves steadily out of corporate rehabilitation, Velasquez aims to see the company in a steady state in the coming years. “We have big ambitions for PT&T,” he shares, emphasizing the company’s focus on becoming a major player in the broadband market.

In the midst of professional ambitions, Velasquez keeps his family at the forefront. “Having a keen understanding of important matters related to family and home and with work is essential,” he remarks. As he envisions a future settled on a beach with family and friends, Velasquez’s dedication to seeing PT&T succeed remains unwavering.

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